Three sisters“ are alive attracting and inspiring role models in society…

In Indian villages , especially in some communities girls education is still a big challenge. Nandlalpura is a small village on Mahela – Jhag road in Jaipur district, where education to girls has been denied by traditions followed by particular community of the village for last so many decades. Under “Right to education“ , continuous advocacy by village and caste leaders with NGO’s and government agencies created an environment to join schools to village girls at par with boys. Prem Pathshala, Jhag got them enrolled with free facilities given to all children- school bags, uniform, mid-day meal and transport.

See below , three sisters from same village and community now enjoying education to develop their personality and to fight against social taboos. Three sisters have been proved themselves as role model for neighbouring village girls. School management finds three sisters most punctual and disciplined girls, concentrating on their educational activities. Now, their parents do visit school to get more seats for their daughters, not for getting school relieving certificate or transfer certificates.

“Three Sisters“ have been attracting tourist point near Sydney in Australia but in a remote village Jhag of India, these “Three sisters“ are alive attracting and inspiring role models in society.

Salute to staff and management of I-India , Prem Pathshala, Jhag. Our all appreciations and gratitude to Mr Prem and other generous supporters.


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