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Our Stories | I-India NGO in Jaipur, India | Ngo In India | Education For Poor Children | Donate Online For Underprivileged Children, Charity for street children (Kids), based in Jaipur, NGO in India for Child Rights- Protection, Education, Empowerment, Teaching, Volunteer, Voluntry work, Sponsor a Child in India - Online Charity Organization.

Our Stories

“Earlier I was destroyer and now I am a creator…” Jumma is one such young adult who is now leading a sustainable life with dignity. Empowered and protected by I-India, now he is overcoming all odds in his life and now determined and working towards a better future not only for him but also for his beloved family. What an inspirational and transformational journey of this typical railway station boy.

Video Director Anugam Goswami

Still there are communities where girls as young as 4-5 years old are married off in favour of money. In the age where they should be running behind the butterflies or tasting the first drops of rain, they are forced to see the world through a veil. Roshni is one such young girl who not only lost her parents but would have lost her childhood too for the financial gains of her uncle. Roshni and her sisters have been with I-India┬ásince their childhood and now they are spreading their light…We think at times all we have to do is put our hands around the candle to let the flame grow. And once it grows it starts to outshine the great sun. It starts to shine in the dark night!

Video Director Anugam Goswami

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