SHELTER HOMES: India has 3 permanent and 2 temporary open shelter homes for both boys and girls. Many of the children living in these homes have been sexually abused or have been sold into prostitution. Others have lost their parents, beg or are exploited into child labour. They typically come to I-India through Child Line, or through our outreach staff at the railway station. When possible, and if in the child’s best interest, he or she will be repatriated to their family, otherwise they will be allowed to make one of the shelter homes their new home.

Ganga is a home for abused, runaway and orphaned girls found living on the streets of Jaipur. It was founded in 2001 and it provides shelter care to 50 girls. The home is supported by I-Aid, Finland from past few years. 

Snehaanchal Boys’ Shelter Home at Jhag was founded in 2009 and provides shelter care to 50 boys. Currently its maintenance has been supported by Childaid Network Germany and Street Child Project, Singapore. 

Preeti-Prabha is a home for orphaned girls. It was founded in 2011 and provides shelter care to 50 homeless girls. Currently the home is supported by Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore and Street Child Project. 

Open Shelters for boys and girls are temporary Homes which acts as the first stop for homeless children rescued from the street. The project is implemented under Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) of the Ministry of Women and Child Development of Government of India and Government of Rajasthan. 

At these shelter homes, the team of full-time wardens, caregivers, cooks, teachers, hobby-teachers and a nurse has collectively facilitate and provides love, shelter, security, nutrition and medical care. The children go to a local school and obtain skills training at Ladli, I-India’s vocational centre. They also learn social values and get emotional support through counselling.

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