Intervention in street & slums

SHETAARK is a collaborative project between Flowering Tree, USA and I-India, Jaipur to run street schools for transient communities.  The project sparks a light of learning, empowerment, personal growth and development for street children through its 16 street schools/centres. It offers a safe and nurturing place for learning and growth for the street children of Jaipur who do not have, or cannot obtain, formal schooling. Shwetaark brings committed teachers and staff to children right where they live.

The ultimate goal of this project is to inspire and launch the children to the point of mainstream education as well as to operate full-fledged schools. Over 1000 children in 16 different locations have been reached out daily through these schools/centres during this year. The Flowering Tree INC is a project partner and effectively involved with I-India on designing and jointly implementing Shwetaark activities.

Intervention in backward rural areas

PREM-PATHSHALA is a government recognized higher secondary school at Jhag Children’s village was established in 2009 jointly by I-India and I-India Project Australia with the aim of providing quality education to children of below poverty line families of Jhag and adjacent villages. The school has been financially supported and mentored by a generous family based in Singapore. The education project at Jhag provides quality education to children from socially, economically and educationally weaker section of the society. The current percentage of Prem-Pathshala students belonging BPL (Below Poverty Level) status is 98%.

The students are taught subjects like English, Hindi, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Science, Computer and Drawing. The school has a well-equipped computer lab, science lab and imparts computer education to students from all the standards. To make children confident and to enhance their skills, various co-curricular activities are also conducted like student exchange program, quiz, debates, singing, dancing, sports and physical education.

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