A few hours can be spent in our projects playing with the kids, or longer periods can be given to teaching crafts, English or dance. For those outside India, marketing the Ladli vocational centre’s jewellery or spreading the word about I-India are some other effective ways to help.

Volunteering in Jaipur with I-India is simple. We do not charge any fees, nor do we pay any salary. You would be expected to make your own way to Jaipur and, although we can help arrange your accommodation, we do not pay for it. Volunteers typically work Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, but this is flexible.

I-India has a regular flow of foreign volunteers and is appreciative of any offer of time that benefits the children.

Volunteering Options:

Volunteers are invaluable to the success of I-India and we appreciate the work you will be doing with us. We are looking for volunteers to assist with:

  •  Teaching English, Maths, Hindi
  • Medical and healthcare assistance (both doctors and nurses)
  • Jewellery design and making
  • Design of design various products such bags, clothing, cards etc
  • Office work such as marketing and research
  • Sports and dance
  • General communication with the children

You can help raise funds for I-India by asking your friends/colleagues to donate to I-India on special occasions, taking part in fundraising events like marathons or crowdfunding through your personal and professional networks.