I-India was established in 1993 by Prabhakar and Abha Goswami. The couple, a professor and teacher at an affiliated college of the University of Rajasthan, had conducted a study on the children of prostitutes and street children. However, they were so moved by what they saw that they decided to shift from research into action. Their own childhoods also fueled the Goswamis’ passion and commitment: Prabhakar was brought up in a Jaipur slum, and Abha experienced the loss of both parents. Abha ji also been appointed by the government to the regional Child Welfare Committee of Rajasthan.

About Founders

Prabhakar Goswami:
“Being born and raised in a slum made me sensitive to poor and disadvantaged people, especially children struggling to survive. I was lucky that my father could afford me to go to school and complete a degree in Sociology. I became a lecturer in this field and, as researchers, my wife and I conducted a study on street children. Our findings moved us so much that we realized that teaching and research would no longer satisfy us and so we started the action-oriented NGO called I-India.”

Abha Goswami:
“At the age of one I lost my mother and at the age of fifteen I lost my father too. From seventeen onwards I worked to provide food and shelter for my step-mother and for my two brothers so that they could continue their studies. Now I am sympathetic to those children who have lost their parents and childhood at a tender age. I have committed my life to help these children.”