A daily kitchen run by I-India is also in operation for street and working children of Jaipur city. The project aims at providing nutritional support and daily one time fresh and warm food to over 1500 children attending our education and vocational training projects. These children belongs to the families living on street, sidewalks, temporary tents, slums and economically weaker rural households. The cloud kitchen centers are located at different school and centre sites. The staff at this kitchen start work early in the morning and once the meals is made, they provides fresh and warm meals to the children as a part of mid-day meals. The project is currently sustained by partners of school project and general donation of I-India.


I-India uses a jeep as an ambulance for providing emergency help and health care to street children. In addition to regularly visiting the Street points, and remote rural settlements the ambulance also helps Child Line callers needing medical attention. This Ambulance undertake health interventions on street with the support of qualified doctor and trained health workers that ensures adequate and prompt medical treatment, vaccines, and awareness generation to encourage target group to visit the hospitals for better treatment.


A 6 beaded health centre in Jhag was started in year 2011 and is providing free and comprehensive health service to the residents of Jhag and its surrounding 8 villages. It is located at the Jhag Children’s village campus and has an OPD set up with qualified Doctor, health workers, medicine bank and dedicated pathological lab with required testing equipment and materials needed to deliver comprehensive medical service.

The Mobile Health Van also linked with the health centre and conducts weekly outreach in the remote settlements of village cluster and provide on-spot health care along with referral services for specialized medical interventions. The health centre is currently benefiting up to 50% of total village population and up to 70% children population of age group 4-16 years. Currently the maintenance of health centre is supported by Paromita-Sameer Mehta Family in Singapore and infrastructure support has been extended by Dev-Rashantha Devanesan Family in Singapore.

Project Statistics

# of families received Covid Relief Kits - 3325.
# of Children received Health Care (Rural) - 1793.
# of PPE Kits distributed to frontline workers - 1700.
# of Children provided mid-day meal (post Covid restriction) 1667.
# of Pathological tests conducted - 1420.
# of Children received Health Care (Urban) - 1256.
# of Health interventions through MHV - 977.
# of Children vaccinated for Covid-19 (12-18 Yrs) - 435.

During Covid-19 pandemic, we have been able to extend support across 3 districts, 8 village blocks and 50 urban and rural communities in Rajasthan state for strengthening health care, distribution of food/dry rations, PPE and personal hygiene kits.

One of our school in urban area has been transformed into temporary Covid vaccination centre and together with the support of health authorities about 11,000 vaccines administrated through this support centre.

During second wave of Covid19, our skill development centre produced over 20000 face masks and 7500 sanitary napkins in-house and distributed to economically weaker families.

10 bedded quarantine centre has been established at village Jhag with the facility of Oxygen concentrator, nebulisers, vaporisers and essential medicines.