Street children have lost their childhood. They have little hope of a better future.

I-India NGO in Jaipur reach over 3000 street children daily through its street schools, residential homes and vocational centres. The street children charity, non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Jaipur assist children and communities with immediate challenges, such as homelessness, child laborers, malnutrition and illness, while also developing their attitudes and skills in a way so that they have greater choice to transform their future.

I-India NGO

I-India’s mission is to provide care, love and development for children and communities living on the streets of Jaipur and in conditions of extreme poverty. Our NGO in Jaipur strive to help as many children as possible and focus on those in most urgent need.

Unlike many other organisations, I-India has little savings as it spends 95.52% of all funds donated on its programs with only 4.48% going towards administrative costs. The eleven-member Board is elected bi-annually and consists of doctors, professors, social workers and community members.

I-India is a fully registered, non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in year 1993. It is registered under the Rajasthan Societies Act 1958 as an association working for the welfare of the poor people of the state and the Foreign Contributions Registration Act (FCRA) 1976 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive foreign donations.

In year 2017, I-India worked & helped protect the Rights of over 3000 Children

394 children were provided shelter care
813 children were provided formal education
1428 children were provided non-formal education
280 children were reunified and reintegrated with their family
17999 medical cases were treated on street, slums & rural area
448 young adults & women groups accessed vocational training 
1205 children were provided regular shower & personal hygiene services
2175 children were provided daily fresh and warm meals on street & slums

About I-India
Street Children Crisis
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