Some stories from our recent parents and teachers meeting…

“My son and daughter-in-law has disowned my grandchild and left him all alone at Delhi, I went to find him and due to shortage of money walked on foot for several hours to find him in such a big city. Finally, I found him and came back to Jaipur and get him enrolled with your school. Now, I just want that he can complete his education and for our survival I already started my second inning to find daily food for three of us.. Sir, I know he is weak in studies and have some issues with focus and concentration but please help him so that he can do something good with his life” – Grandfather

Teacher: “Where is Geeta (name changed), she is a bright student but why she didn’t come for parents-teachers meeting. Let’s visit her community and meet.”At her slum: We found that she met to an accident and burned from stove while helping her mother in kitchen. Her family is migrant from North India and couldn’t get proper medical treatment due to economical issues. Our teachers and child line team coordinated and rushed to SMS hospital and get her treated through expert doctors. Now our health worker will do the follow up dressing and other necessary care for her ..

”PTM and meetings at schools generally all about discussing the grades scored by students, their overall development, regularity and participation in extra curricular activities. However, in our schools we witness completely different issues and moving personal stories and incidents.

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