NewsLetter 2018-19


Dear Friends of I-India,

As we enter into fourth quarter of this year, the past months saw I-India protected, educated and empowered thousands of children and young people. We opened two new formal schools and mainstreamed many street and slum children, bringing a safe and formal learning environment to over 11,00 children this year. We are currently reaching over 3,000 disadvantaged children with your support.

I-India cannot help these children without your help and indeed we are thankful to our partners Dadlani Family Singapore, Flowering Tree Inc, I-AID, UWC Singapore, Mehta Family Singapore, Ama Mundum, Saffi Foundation and others for their strong & effective partnership.

Lets join us to bring a fairer start to more children with difficult background in Jaipur, India.



Education Project:

Education Project_I-India

We have been continuously mainstreaming number of street, slum and below poverty line village children into formal education and now their regular education, mid-day meal, water & health care services have been imparted through Senior Secondary School Prem-Pathshala based in Jhag Children’s village, Prem-Pathshala Middle Level School and Shwetaark Pathshala primary school in Jaipur city, which have the capacity of 700, 200 & 200 children respectively. In these schools, over 1100 children of all age acquired structured education through qualified teachers and skills such as: arts and music, games, dramatic performances, etc. These children also get accessed to library, science lab and necessary equipment to aid in their learning.

Shelter & Emergency Services:

Shelter Project_I-India

Total no. of 278 children have been provided residential care at I-India’s Children’s homes during April-December. Over 200 children have been rescued and protected from abuse and over 150 children have been provided emotional support and guidance through Childline emergency services. In our shelter homes, team of supportive staff has provided a nurturing and supportive home like environment to children who have been rescued from challenging conditions. Other than care, these shelter homes also provided formal education, which covers preschool through high school and even college education. Children who have been illegally trafficked from different parts of country have received temporary care at these shelter homes and provided legal assistance, health care & repatriation.

Jhag Girls Achivement_I-India

Our Prem-Pathshala girls in village Jhag who successfully passed state level board examination of 12th standard with shining scores have been awarded by the state government with “Gargi Award”. Two of these girls are living in the ‘Rohida’ girls home at Jhag Children’s village where they are getting residential support with mentoring and one girl belongs to a below poverty line household of village Jhag. We are pleased to share that these girls are now pursuing their degree from a leading college of University of Rajasthan. The organisation along with Atlascorp also awarded them with new bicycles.

Skill Enhancement:

Skill Development_I-India

Our Skills Enhancement activities through three vocational training centers is continuously enabling the youth and children attaining 18 years of age with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and a positive attitude to seek meaningful employment opportunities. During past 9 months, over 200 youth and women groups have attended hands on training at these in-house vocational training centres on growing industries such as: Computer (IT), Handicrafts, Textile, repair of electronics and even driving. Many of our participants have also successfully achieved sustainable livelihood.

Health Care Project:

Health Project_I-India

In past few months, our health care projects collaborated with most reputable hospitals of Jaipur and conducted health camps for paediatrics specialties, eye checkups and general health care both in Jaipur and Jhag based programs. Through these camps, professional medical consultation has been provided along with awareness sessions on health issues that affect the children. Other than in-house health services, our health centre in Jhag and team of health workers in Jaipur also organized referral medical care for some children in city based hospitals and provided follow-up medical aid.

Health Camp Doctor_I-India

A multi-specialty medical camp was organised by the I-India in collaboration with EHCC Hospital Jaipur at Jhag village of Dudu block in Jaipur district. The camp provided medical service related to cardiology, gynaecology, ENT, eye, Dental, and paediatric services. Over 1000 patients including children & women of 10 villages of Dudu block have attended the medical camp. DR. S.D. Sharma former professor of SMS Medical College & Hospital, informed best practices for healthy life to children and also treated critical cases of children on the spot.

Daily Meals/Kitchen Project:

Annapurna Kitchen_I-India

Our Kitchen project is providing necessary meals to the street and homeless children in Jaipur city. However, many children from our street and slum schools are now attending formal public schools and now covered under mid-day meals program of state government as well. Our own kitchen project is also ensuring daily one-time fresh meals for over thousand street and homeless children who are attending I-India’s formal schools, vocational training and day care centres. Throughout the year the organization is also receiving additional number of children, rescued child labour, child beggars and missing children as a part of different emergencies and its always a basic priority and intervention to ensure that they are well fed.

Shower Bus Project:

Shower Bus Project_I-India

From past many years, our shower bus project is functioning in the areas, which severely lacks basic water supply for both drinking and general utility. However, through collective efforts of different stakeholders and government now some of these communities are able to secure public water supply and now the crisis situation is slightly improving. However, securing adequate water supply in facilitating round a clock shelter care for over 300 children, drinking water for over 1000 children in schools and vocational training centres, water to cook food in kitchen, toilets/shower still seems challenging. Our projects are daily facing crisis of water, which is a basic and fundamental need to run a school, shelter home, health center and kitchen.


Solar Project_I-India

Pleased to share that I-India organization recently installed solar panels on the rooftop of Prem-Pathshala at Jhag Children’s village. We have been observing major spike in electricity expenses at Jhag Children’s village in past few years, given the situation that the number of beneficiaries are growing rapidly day by day and now over 1000 children daily getting benefited through the projects based in village Jhag. Hence, in order to control expenses and to achieve sustainability we have installed a 20KW Solar Plant, which will reduce ongoing electricity expenses by 40-50%. We are doing our level best to raise establishment cost for this much needed project. 

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