COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel Coronavirus, has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. In India too, number of cases is growing on a daily basis and the Central Government has declared the outbreak as a ‘National Disaster’. Like in any other disaster, children are highly vulnerable. The impact on disadvantaged children will be immense.

With schools shut and “social distancing” being practised, children’s physical and mental well-being is likely to be impacted. They are at risk of not only contracting the disease, but also from the disruption to health and education services, impact on caregivers, and separation from family members.

I-India, a Child Right’s NGO is making a genuine effort to ensure a prompt support to the orphans, homeless and disadvantaged children during this period thus empowering them to cope better during this time. 

The organisation is conducting following community relief interventions responding to threats related to COVID 19:

⇒ Dry Ration (Food) distribution to population living below poverty line

⇒ Sanitation kit, masks, gloves etc. distribution

⇒ Supporting the vulnerable groups (children)