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Success Stories from Ladli Boys

December 13, 2011

Rohit Patro

Rohit basically belongs to West Bengal. In a very early age, his father forced him to work and eventually handed over him to an agent who was engaged into trafficking of minor children from poor households to states like Delhi, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. On his way to Jaipur along with other 10 children he desired to go back to his village but the agent did not allowed him and placed a handkerchief over his face and as a result, he lost consciousness. When he came back to his senses, he found himself totally lost on Jaipur Railway Station.

Initially, Rohit worked in the teal stall for one year and lived under a bridge as vagrants at station for four years. During his initial stay at station, he exposed to several bad habits and developed as a typical platform child. Our child helpline spotted him first at Jaipur station cleaning railway coaches, gambling at the corner near cargo booth and sniffing glue over the railway bridge.

This continued for many years, when one day Rohit, now 20 years, met the I-India outreach worker and expressed a desire to join organisation. As an experiment, he get enrolled with Child-Inn shelter home and become Child-Line peer group member. By this way for few months he regularly visited railway station in day time and helped Child-Line to identify children at risk and slept well in night at shelter home. After few months, the boy completed changed and involved himself with education program, vocational training and other activities. The caregivers observed a massive change in the personality of a child and he quit all the bad habits and transformed into a responsible and disciplined boy.

The boy- Rohit, learned the tailoring skills very well at Ladli boys and in a very short period gained special proficiency in designing bags, cushion covers and handicrafts. Under the young child incentive program, the boy saved a good amount of money in his personalized bank account and started wiring the money to his Grandmother in Calcutta. He was too happy, when he couriered a special gift- “Saree” to his elder sister which he bought by his first salary from Hotel Jai Mahal Palace. Yes, now he is working in a 7 star hotel of Jaipur city and being a part of housekeeping department, maintaining and repairing the related material by his tailoring skills. He recently, rented a small apartment near the hotel and sharing the accommodation with 2 of his friends. He is now independent, responsible and enjoying the professional life. On the vacation, special functions/festivals and whenever he gets chance, he visits I-India and help the project.

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