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Shwetaark Children on a special Trip to Animal Park (Zoo)

July 26, 2011

A great day was had by all during our trip to Local Zoo (Animal Park) at Jaipur. All children enrolled with Shwetaark Centres, teachers and peer-educators were very excited as they boarded the School on Wheels buses. After a fairly long bus journey, it was definitely worth the wait!!!!  There were animals galore which caused great fascination and excitement!! There were gorillas, crocodiles, camels, goats, llamas, tigers, lions, zebras, elephants, horses to name but a few.  The children had a fantastic animals close up and experience animals that they had never seen before.  The parrot shows was really interesting. They saw counting parrots, acting parrots and even a parrot who could SAY “Namaste”!  The final show that they saw was the lion show, which was many of the children´s favourite show of the day. After an action packed day, all the children had some delicious snacks and finally returned to the buses to make their way back to centres.

The Shwetaark Project is daily covering more than 1000 children living at streets, slums and other critical locations. Everyday, the project is providing education, counseling, nutrition, health care, shower and most importantly love and care to most disadvantaged group of children. The project is exclusively funded and supported by Flowering Tree Inc. USA and conducted by I-India, Jaipur.

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