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Everest Climb for I-India

July 23, 2011

An excellent, well written account of Everest Climb for raising support and funds for I-India, Jaipur:

 Our way to Everest we had to travel by 4WD car, horse and donkey up a 700 m mountain path to a beautiful monastery in Tsedang, a 3 hour journey in a rickety old wooden ferry boat on the most beautiful river with snow capped mountains on both sides, just the 3 foreigners and 20 Tibetan men, women and babies plus all our backpacks etc. The Tibetan people are so friendly and welcoming it was a real pleasure being amongst them wherever we went. They are very poor but very proud of being Tibetan and showing off their country to foreigners. The remainder of the journey was mainly on foot.

Climbing up the mountain passes by car and on foot allowed us to take in the magnificence of the mountains, the Rivers and the lakes but most of the passes were above 5000 M altitude and it took quite a toll on our strength and energy as the days went by. George only has one lung, having contracted asbestosis during almost 40 years of work as a Stonemason (one of Australia’s finest) and he relied on many cylinders of Oxygen during our trek. Robert and I suffered severe headaches, breathlessness and the usual problem of the dreaded ‘runs’. I also needed a few canisters of oxygen after arriving at Rombuk monastery just a few Kms from Everest, mainly at night when trying to sleep. This subsided only on our return to Lhasa where we rested up for 2 days before we left to return home.

I have attached some photos of our time in Chengdu China where we met up and of our time in Lhasa, and all along the way to our final target Mt.Everest. We have almost 3000 photos we took during our trek. Almost 3 weeks in all and we loved every minute of it despite the altitude sickness problems. We will never forget our time in Tibet and its possible that one or more of us will return next year.

We are also very close to reaching our target for the fund raising for I-India and we are very hopeful that we can provide enough money to enable you to procure and install the various sporting facilities and equipment as per the wish-list. I’m also hopeful that George and Robert will be able to join me in Singapore on October 1 event and perhaps we will have a couple of memorable objects from our trip to put up for auction on the night and raise some more funds for I-India. Who knows, maybe we can all travel on to Jaipur and see the progress at I-India for ourselves and meet you and your wonderful children and staff.

On behalf of all three of us, thank you again, most sincerely and we hope to meet you in the very near future.

Kale Sua-Harry Murphy

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