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Rescue operation of Child Labors from Bihar

June 20, 2011

In a major crackdown against child labour, Jaipur police, Childline and network of NGO’s rescued nearly 200 children from over two dozen embroidery, bangle making workshops in Hasanpura and Bhatta Basti areas, on June 18, 2011.

During the drive 117 boys of 7-18 years of age were rescued from Bhatta Basti area by the police in the presence of members from a social organization and the district child welfare committee. These all rescued children were handed over to I-India Jaipur for protection, medical check-up, temporary shelter care and eventually reuniting them with their families. The Secretary- Abha Goswami, personally took the custody of these children at 12:00 in night at Bhatta Basti police station.

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We are very happy to share with you that I-India has arranged their temporary stay at Jhag Children’s village in the newly constructed girl shelter home building. All key personnel from I-India Jaipur have been shifted to the girls shelter home premises to oversee this very sensitive event. At Jhag Children’s village, children are receiving all required services such as:

– Shelter ( in girls shelter building)

– Contact with their family, friends and relatives through I-India helpline

– Nutrition (from Annapurna Kitchen)

– Water and shower (through water tank donated by SCP Singapore)

– Health care (through I-India health workers)

– Cloths

– Recreation (utilizing existing playground equipments, library of Prem-Pathshala)

All the rescued children were brought to the city by labour contractors from Bihar, many of the contractors have also been arrested during the drive. During the initial counseling of children, the caregivers were shocked to know the brutal conditions under which these children were compelled to work. They were given stale food, made to work for 14-16 hours a day and were given wages which were peanuts for them – just INR 500 for a month.

On sunday at Jhag Children’s village, several activities were organized for the rescued children which includes:

– interaction with Prof. Prabhakar Goswami, a friendly discussion and counseling of children

– movie show on a big screen (donated by “Vishwaas Australia”)

– sanitation and personal hygiene activities

– food as per their choice (the wish list include meals like- Aaloo Chole, Kheer and Sattu)

– sports activities at Jhag playground

– dance and music activities

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